Private Park

#2. Private Park :

Have you ever wanted your own quiet walking trail in a beautiful environment? Well, now you have it!  

Promontory Park, overlooking Chilliwack, is a unique subdivision built around a nature reserve for the exclusive use of its home-owners. The park preserves a hundred-year-old grove of cedars sloping up from a year round stream. Visitors follow a meandering, scenic, mountain-side trail to share this quiet shelter with native birds and animals and see dozens of indigenous plant species. To our knowledge Promontory Park is the first and only Private Park in the Chilliwack, Sardis area. Just step outside your home and see the deer, squirrels (at least one of our residents is European, and variety of birds and owls that make this area their residence.


In addition, the plethora of plant life, including 4 types of ferns, combine to make this a restful and relaxing place. Stop on your walk at the park gazebo, or rest on one of the benches, because this is YOUR park. 

A few native plants noted on site are the following:

Salmonberry, Thimbleberry, Devil's club, Lady fern, Maidenhair fern, Sword fern, Spinywood fern, Red Alder, Western red cedar, Vine maple, Fringecup, Piggyback plant, Vanilla leaf, Bleeding heart, Nootka rose, Honeysuckle, and Red dock.  

A truly eco-sensitive development, Promontory Park  development plan combines the environmental habitat and your housing needs to protect 42% the land as a private park. The concept for Promontory Park abides by standards for environmental stewardship and will be protected by a monitored conservation covenant. Our goal is to provide not only an amenity for the home-owners, but also the preservation of the ecosystem of the site. This is a place where visitors can engage in birdwatching, sketching, photography, botanizing, and sharing the outdoor experience.

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