Gated Aspect

#1. Gated subdivision: The public has spoken... 

Home and neighborhood security are a top priority for people in Chilliwack today. Families are highly concerned about security and safety in their neighborhoods and places of residence.



Promontory Park answers this concern with top of the line security using coded gate locks and a video surveillance camera trained on the entrance. However, aesthetics are not sacrificed for safety, as exemplified in the gorgeous gate design.  

In addition, most neighborhoods have lost that “neighborhood feeling". Often, we don't even know who lives next door or a couple doors down. The world has changed in a large measure to being more isolated from our neighbors and community. 

Promontory Park was created to answer the cry for community and closeness. Of course, we understand supportive community can not be manufactured, but we believe it can be encouraged, fostered and facilitated. The gated aspect is a part of the Promontory Park lifestyle concept

We want to recapture that close knit secure feeling neighborhood, where everyone looks out for everyone, neighbors know neighbors. In this kind of environment, where one will feel safe and to know someone's watching out for you. Promontory Park offers more than just gated, it provides the community, the comfort and closeness of knowing "we're in this together".

Our mission is to provide a safe place for families to thrive as families again. To live in the security of knowing that they live in a community that you can call home. 

Come join us at Promontory Park!  





















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